Mr. Paul Te Bockhorst    Middle School - Science

Mr. Paul Te Bockhorst

Middle School - Science

My name is Paul Tebockhorst, also known as “Mr. T.” I have been teaching middle school science at Nativity since 2005.

I grew up in Denver and went to Christ the King and Regis High Schools. For my undergraduate degree, I went to Western State College, where I majored in skiing (actually education). I worked my way through college taking time off to earn enough money through various interesting jobs, including custodian, lumber jack, construction worker in the Florida keys, road worker in Wyoming, and an ice cream truck vendor. I also have two master’s degrees from the University of Colorado, both in the field of education.

I went to work in Adams County School District 50 in 1973, where I spent 32 years before I retired and came to work at Nativity. I teach three days a week and share duties with our other science teacher, Jessica Sandgren.

I have been married to my lovely wife, Claire Marie, for 38 years. We have three wonderful children and six marvelous grandchildren, ranging from six years to seven months old. We do things weekly with all of them. They are a huge blessing in our lives and help us stay active. Of course, the fact that I like to go swimming, cycling, and cross-country skiing doesn’t hurt either.