Mrs. Tritia Rothe    Music

Mrs. Tritia Rothe


My name is Tritia Rothe, and I am the music teacher here at Nativity. I am originally from Los Angeles, where I spent the first 17 years of my life. And while the City of Angels will always be my “home,” I could never move back because I’ve fallen in love with the watercolor sunsets and captivating scenery of the Centennial State. I’ve lived in Colorado now for over 15 years and it is where I met my husband, Jake. We’ve been married for seven wonderful years.

I have attended three Catholic schools in my academic life, including Visitation in Los Angeles (K-8), Notre Dame Academy in west L.A. for high school, and Regis University here in Denver for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Someday I would love to obtain a degree in either music therapy or creative writing. Speaking of creative writing, my husband and I recently completed the first draft of our children’s story. In my free time, I enjoy working at Mile High Comics, where I hope to one day see our story as a comic on the shelves.

I love writing and everything having to do with music. My favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Nathan Hale, Stephanie Meyer, and Oscar Wilde. I also have some unusual talents that our wonderful God has blessed me with, including the ability to unscramble words at a glance. I can complete the Daily Jumble in less than 30 seconds. Feel free to challenge me sometime.