The following points explain our uniform regulations, with reference to the new changes for the 2018-19 school year:

  Mock-up of new polos

Mock-up of new polos

  Mock-up of new polos

Mock-up of new polos

1. All “Nativity of Our Lord” logo wear will be grandfathered into the modified uniform, indefinitely, with the exception of the white polos, which can be worn for the 2018-19 academic year only. After, all white polos will be taken out of the uniform.

2. The skorts, jumpers, skirts, shorts, and pants will remain the same as the present uniform.

3. T-shirts, other than the PE t-shirt, will be discontinued from the uniform after this year.

4. A white oxford shirt, long- or short-sleeved, and Macbeth plaid tie (boys) or bow (girls) are to be worn for liturgy days. Shirts with a logo may be purchased from Dennis uniform. White oxfords without the logo may be purchased at the vendor of our choice. Both are acceptable on liturgy days only. Shorts, pants, jumper, skirt, or skort may be worn with the liturgy shirt.

5. Middle school students will have a PE uniform for PE day(s) only. PE days for the middle school will not be on liturgy days. Students will wear their PE uniform for the entire day. Sportline also has a sweatpants option which can be worn over the PE uniform. The shorts, shirt, and sweatpants option can be ordered from Sportline’s online store.

6. There will no longer be a summer/winter uniform at Nativity. Families decide appropriate clothing for their children.

7. All sale items of "Nativity of Our Lord" logo wear bought at K & S and Dennis will be grandfathered in to the modified uniform, with the exception of the above-mentioned.

8. Dennis Uniform will be the exclusive provider of the Nativity uniform as of 2018-19.

9. There will be a used uniform sale for skirts, jumpers, skorts, shorts, and pants only on May 31, 2018. Any families who would like to donate their uniforms can do so by dropping them with Mary Mott in the main office. Used uniforms will be shared with our families in need, as well as Nativity High School in Uganda.

10. Uniform ordering for new logo wear (2018-19) will be available here soon.